The Baypines District is one of eight districts in the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. The following counties are included in the Baypines District: Baldwin, Covington, Conecuh, Monroe and Escambia, AL. 

The Baypines District has had another successful year as we have expanded our
ministries and continued to engage our congregants - encouraging them and ourselves to grow
as Disciples. We feel like we are better connected as a District than than we have been in the
past, and we feel there is a better spirit among the churches and the clergy. Because our
District is so diverse geographically, it has always been a challenge to be unified. We feel like
we are making great progress on embracing this diversity and in discovering our identity. We
are excited to see that people across our District know and care for people in other
communities. We are looking to build on the partnerships that we feel exist in the District. We
want to encourage our churches to step out and risk new things. We want them to reach out to
other churches as we continue to partner together in missions. We want to reach out to our
young people and get them more connected to the larger church. In short, we want to be
better stewards of our Connection. We are excited about the many things that are going on in
the District. Below are some of the highlights from this past year.
The District is in great financial shape and we are excited about that. We are now debt
free as a District and our Apportionments continue to rise. As a result, our Missional giving also
continues to increase. Our District met and exceeded its goal in the Conference’s Imagine No
Malaria campaign!
Our United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women continue to be a strong force
in our District. They are active and involved in many local, District and Conference projects. As
we look to the future, our goal is to have an active UMM and UMW group in each church.
Our Lay Servant ministries are thriving in the District. We have many trained Lay
Servants who are active in and provide leadership in their local churches, teach classes, lead
various ministries, and even serve as pastors of local churches. We recently conducted a Lay
Servant training in the District which was very well attended. We praise the efforts of our Lay
Servants and the District Lay Servant leadership.
We continued to be involved in the Habitat for Humanity program. We have helped
build houses in Brewton, and in Baldwin and Covington counties. We will be participating this
year in an ecumenical build in Baldwin County.
Our Missions programs are thriving and we celebrate them. Many of our churches are
actively engaged in missions in their local communities, in our state and nation, and to the ends
of the earth. This year, we will host a District trip to Costa Rica and a District trip to the Red
Bird Missionary Conference, where we sponsor three churches. We are thrilled to be offering
these opportunities and we will be looking to establish local projects that can be offered
District-wide as well. We are also planning to be able to offer scholarships for young people to
engage them in mission work.
Another very exciting accomplishment in our District is our partnership with the San
Pedro mission, serving the Hispanic community in Baldwin County. We have committed
financially to the church, and we are putting a team in place to help them acquire land for a
church building. Our goal is to help them become self-sufficient and a chartered United
Methodist Church. We are also working with the pastor to find mentoring resources as he
continues his path toward Ordination as an Elder.
Finally, several communities in our District are cleaning up from recent devastating
tornado damage. Trained Early Response Teams (ERT) from our District are on their way to the
Century and Pensacola, Florida, areas as I write this. Our District has many trained and badged
ERT’s and always responds quickly and with great compassion. We have great leadership for
disaster response at the District level and we will continue to train and equip individual
responders and teams.
It has been a great year for the Baypines District, and we are so thankful for the
leadership of our new District Superintendent, Rev. June Jernigan. We look forward to moving
forward, with her continued guidance and encouragement, as we seek new ways to be
transformed Disciples of Christ.
Patrick G. Shubird, Chairperson
District CORE Team


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