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Hurricane Michael Disaster Response, November 27, 2018

published 11/27/2018

Giving Tuesday is today! There are many worthwhile ministries to consider. We invite you to consider giving to the Alabama-West Florida Conference for the Hurricane Michael relief efforts. This money continues to be distributed to churches, pastors and communities who need it most. Click here to donate

Several jobs related to the relief efforts have been posted. Please help us share these available positions. The deadline to apply is December 10, 2018. Questions related to these postings should be directed to Rev. Ashley Davis. Click here for more information

We continue to encourage all volunteers to register through the portal to ensure our volunteer coordinators appropriately match the skill level with the need. 

Thank you for the many ways you continue to minister to those in the Port St. Joe, Marianna and Panama City areas.  

A Video Message from Bishop David Graves and Rev. Ashley Davis

published 11/15/2018

We invite you to watch and share a video message from Bishop David Graves and Rev. Ashley Davis related to our Hurricane Michael recovery efforts. Click here to view. Click here to read the transcript. Closed captioning is now available for this video and can be accessed by clicking "CC" to the right of the volume icon on Vimeo.

You may also listen to this message as an audio-only podcast by clicking here, by searching for "AWFUMC Podcasts" on iTunes or in your preferred podcast player. We invite you to subscribe to these podcasts.

Hurricane Michael Disaster Response, November 12, 2018

published 11/12/2018

As we continue to assess the needs in the Marianna, Port St. Joe, Panama City and surrounding areas, we will need as many ERT teams as possible. Badged out-of-conference teams are invited to the panhandle area. All teams must plan to be self-contained (bring your own food, water, gasoline* and either have your own housing/lodging or enter and leave the same day). *Depending on your service area, gasoline and groceries may be available. We are asking that all volunteer teams register through this portal so that your skills may be matched with the appropriate need. 

Woodlawn UMC has faithfully served as our disaster response command center. Katie Winton has been instrumental in the response and produced this brief video. You might consider showing this in your next worship service. Click here for video

There are several training opportunities available in the coming weeks. Click here for details

Upcoming Disaster Early Response Team Training sessions
more training sessions are being scheduled and will be listed soon.
November 14, 2018  - Montgomery FUMC - RE-CERTIFICATION
November 17, 2018 - Cokesbury UMC
November 17, 2018 - Prattville FUMC
November 18, 2018 - Auburn UMC - RE-CERTIFICATION
December 1, 2018 - Greystone UMC

Additional Training Sessions - 200-level courses
"Mucking Out" Training - November 17, 2018 - Spanish Fort UMC

Chainsaw and Safety Use Training
November 17, 2018 - Auburn, AL

Please continue to pray with us that God will lead our efforts to glorify Him. 

Hurricane Michael Disaster Response, November 7, 2018

published 11/7/2018

Thank you for your continued generosity and desire to help those in the panhandle of Florida. The response from the Alabama-West Florida Conference will be a long-term effort.

It is extremely important to remind local churches and any volunteer teams to please register through this portal. Your skill level will be matched with the appropriate needs. Even if you have a desire to work with a specific church, we ask that you register your team so that we do not have too many volunteers in one area that could potentially overwhelm a church or area in need. 

As time progresses, it is natural to see a decrease of volunteers. We need many more teams in the coming weeks and months. The conference is asking that each local church identify members who could attend training to then serve. Click here for upcoming trainings

There is a crucial need for trained assessors (UMCOR trained and qualified ERT persons) to come into the Port St. Joe community as soon as possible. After surveying the damage to homes, the majority of them have not been inspected. Housing has been arranged for up to 24 people. Volunteers would be responsible for their own breakfast and some restaurants are open in the community. Please register through the portal

The conference has established a formal partnership with 28 churches that received damage from the hurricane and their pastors. These pastors have been given a prayer partner who can not only care for spiritual needs but can help communicate back to the conference any specific needs from the church or community. If your church has a desire to partner with a specific church, please let Rev. Ashley Davis know of your plans so that we do not duplicate efforts. 

We continue to ask for monetary donations through the conference. This money is already being distributed to support staff salaries at churches that currently are not operational on a day-to-day basis. Our connection is at work thanks to your generosity. 

We will continue to send updates as needed and greatly appreciate the many ways you have shown your expressions of love and care. 

Hurricane Michael Disaster Response, October 30, 2018

published 10/30/2018

Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of love and support you continue to provide to those in the panhandle. There are a few important updates related to the AWF relief efforts. 

If you did not see the release yesterday, we now have a new portal to register your team. Regardless of the skill level, it is critical to register so that your talents may be best matched with the current needs. Click here for the release

At the moment, we are discontinuing the request for supplies. Your generosity has been positively overwhelming. Due to limited space, we are asking that only UMCOR cleaning kits (flood buckets) be assembled and delivered to our district collection sites. Should we need supplies in the future, we will communicate that request. 

The Alabama-West Florida Conference is now accepting out-of-conference ERT Teams who are badged and 100% self-contained (bring your own food, water, gasoline and either have your own housing/lodging or enter and leave the same day). We are appreciative of these dedicated volunteers who have a heart for mission and service. You may register your team here

Thank you again for your continued dedication and support. 

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